the elephants and kangaroos

When I was in US during my International Assignment in the late 90s, I took great interest on a bridge across Highway 78, a highway between Allentown PA and New York City. That was not the usual traffic bridge but a bridge for the animals, so that the animals can cross the highway safely. There are many tree-hugging environmentalist in the US.

Today, we have a similar bridge here in Singapore. As the country progress economically, the animal voices grow louder! The government build this multi-million dollar ECO Link with the animals in mind. Besides, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Diary Farm Nature, the residents of Hillion Residences also get to enjoy this, one and only, ECO Link in the country.

Hillion Residences - ECO Link at Bukit Timah.jpg
ECO Link at Bukit Timah

Did you know that The Eco-Link @ BKE is the first ecological bridge in Southeast Asia? There are 3,000 native plants on the bridge.

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