A layout to suit every lifestyle

Frasers Centrepoint has put in a lot of details in designing the layouts of Parc Life EC. There are 3 layouts to suit every lifestyle at Parc Life EC. The layouts are Verandah, Vista and Viva. Whether you are someone who enjoys an al fresco dining, or someone who loves flexibility as you move on in life, there is always a layout for you. Come to Parc Life showflat to see the different layouts that suit you.

Parc Life EC - Verandah Layout.jpg
Verandah Layout


The Verandah layout kitchen has direct access to the balcony. This layout will be enjoyed by those who love al fresco dining. You can just bring your food directly from the kitchen to the balcony and enjoy an al fresco dining.

Parc Life EC - Vista Layout
Vista Layout

Vista Layout

For those who enjoy a wide frontage where the dining room and the living room are side by side, then Vista Layout is for you. This layout also allows flexibility to swap the dining room and living room position. This is suitable for one who likes to take full control of their layout.

Parc Life EC - Viva Layout
Viva Layout

Viva Layout

For those who enjoy a no-frills lifestyle with plenty of natural lights in the apartment, then Viva layout is for you. Viva focus on practicality, functionality and maximize the natural lights for the whole unit thus making the layout very spacious, bright and simple.

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