Tengah – the next new HDB

Tengah in a nutshell,

  • Tengah will feature a car-free town centre. Roads and vehicles will run beneath the town centre.
  • Sprawling over 700ha, the new Tengah estate — which is about the size of Bishan, could comprise up to 42,000 new homes.
  • Tengah will be composed of five housing districts: Plantation, Park, Garden, Brickland and Forest Hill, each with its own unique identity.
  • Tengah residents will be able to get close to nature. Tengah will become a “forest town” filled with greenery.
  • The first batch of HDB flats is expected to be launched from 2018.

Details in Today

Car-free town centre
Tengah Forest Corridor
Tengah Central Park
Tengah Aerial View

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