The Bayshore district is set to house 12,500 residential units

The Bayshore district spanning 60 ha is surrounded by Bayshore Road, the East Coast Parkway, Bedok Camp and Upper East Coast Road.

The Bayshore District Boundaries.JPG

The Government is looking into creating a new Bayshore district, which includes 6,000 HDB flats – a huge change for the overwhelmingly private estate area located on reclaimed land. Another 6,500 units will be set aside as private homes.

Here are some of the points to watch.

  • It is interesting to see if the lease tenure for HDB units at Bayshore district is shortened to 60 years instead of the usual 99 to curb the “lottery effect” of HDB in prime areas like those at the Pinnacle at Duxton.
  • Currently, houses along Upper East Coast enjoy exclusivity due to low population density.¬†Will these 12,500 residential affect the current property prices along Upper East Coast?
  • will the 12,500 units add congestion to the Upper East Coast Road and the amenities near the Bayshore district?

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